MOBIUS is a fellowship program for visual arts, museum and archive professionals based in New York, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Finland. The program enables transatlantic mobility and collaborative practices and supports long-lasting professional relationships. The ongoing program is organized by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York (FCINY) and the Finnish Institute in London.

FCINY focuses on new organizational models of institutions and curating, supporting independent and institutional visual arts professionals alike. Finnish Institute in London focuses on museum and archive professionals.


The participants of the fellowship program work in close collaboration with the hosting organization for several months in order to:

  • Learn and share various modes of operation, knowledge and expertise.
  • Analyze and develop operational models and structures within museums, archives and visual arts organizations.
  • Realize or initiate a joint project (exhibition, research, event, etc.) in collaboration with the hosting organization’s staff.

The participants from Finland, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are selected through open call. The participants from New York are selected by invitation only.



The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York manages and coordinates fellowship periods between visual arts professionals and organizations in New York and Finland. Independent and institutional curators and visual arts professionals from New York will travel to Finland in order to realize a project in collaboration with the hosting organization’s staff. Finnish curators and visual arts professionals will travel to New York in order to collaborate and realize a project with the local hosting organization.


The Finnish Institute in London manages and coordinates fellowship periods between museum and archive professionals and institutions based in England, the Republic of Ireland and Finland. Museum and archive professionals from Finland will travel to the United Kingdom and Ireland in order to work as part of the hosting organization’s staff for a period of several months.


The MOBIUS program believes in and wants to support peer-to-peer learning, meaningful networking and sharing of knowledge. One of the main agendas is to open up and develop current modes of operation in the fields of visual arts, museums and archives: in organizations ranging from up-and-coming to prominent, from independent to institutional.

The program will carry results such as exhibitions, publications, research, events, and other outcomes that will find their form during the process. Documentation of the experiences and realized projects will be gathered first in the program’s online archive. Later on the information will be edited as part of a publication that aims to unveil and discuss some of the crucial structures, processes, possibilities and challenges that form the basis of today’s visual arts institutions, museums and archives.

MOBIUS is generously supported by Kone foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and Svenska Kulturfonden (The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland).