Martti Kalliala:

Ultimate Exit


Why does everyone in the 21st century want to escape?

Initiatives such as Seasteading and Six Californias, proclamations like Google’s desire to “set aside” a piece of the world as an unregulated test site for technological innovation and venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan’s talk-gone-viral on Silicon Valley’s “ultimate exit”, not to mention the rising influence of certain strands of the Dark Enlightenment – so-called neoreactionary thinking incubated online – have set the stage for a polymorphous secessionist imaginary. 

Ultimate Exit was an investigation into what one might call tech-secessionism; the spectrum of narratives and impulses to imagine new outsides to and escapes from our otherwise “overregulated” world into city-state -like pockets of uninhibited technological progress.

Ultimate Exit, curated and moderated by Martti Kalliala, invited artist Andrea Crespo; Ed Keller, associate dean of distributed learning and technology at Parsons the New School for Design; philosopher, theorist Nick Land;  and futurist and writer Geoff Manaugh to reflect on questions such as: What kind of sovereign urbanities are being imagined? How are these ideological commitments manifested in potential urban forms? Through what kind of languages and esthetics do they present and reproduce themselves? Why does everyone in the 21st century want to escape?

The event also featured a preview of a new multimedia work developed by Martti Kalliala and artist Daniel Keller.

Ultimate Exit was conceived as a part of Martti Kalliala’s long-term research initiative on globally occurring technologically enabled and spatially articulated forms of exodus, autonomy, sovereignty and withdrawal.